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We are all going through a tough time because of COVID-19 Pandemic. The lives of many has been lost, and countless others disrupted by this phenomenon. It is heartbreaking to see the way it is taking a toll on everyone, physically, emotionally and financially, the helplessness it has created in the minds of humans.

But there always comes a time, where humanity needs to evolve, and even though there’s a lot of pain, a lot of struggle, we always manage to come through. This is the metamorphosis we as homo sapiens are going through. We are all under lockdown, in different countries, in different situations, being contained in the cocoons of our homes, only to emerge as butterflies!

This is a time to introspect, to reflect on the kind of lives we were leading before this health hazard broke out. The lifestyle and the routine we used to love or hate, is now no more. We can now understand the value of the time we have lost and make up for it in the coming future.

During this period, there has been a lot of self realisation and efforts put in by people to improve on their physical and emotional well-being. People have started to work out at home, taken out time to cook, read, learn to dance, develop new hobbies or to restart their old ones. It has been a time for self care. People have started understanding the importance of a healthy diet, home-made food and their surroundings. Gardening and landscaping has been a great stress buster earlier, but now people have inculcated that into their daily lives.

We, in our busy lives, never thought we could get such a time to reflect upon ourselves, to correct the wrongs we have been doing to our planet, to others, to ourselves. But unknowingly, a great good has been done to our planet, our world. The rivers are now cleaner, the pollution is record low, the air is pure and healthy, the wildlife is having a gala time.

What we should eventually learn from this episode, is that nobody is spared by death and disease, rich or poor, man or woman, white or black, and we should be ever grateful to the Almighty for giving us another day to live. We should always remember that a simple life, is a life with meaning, without Being attached to things that don’t really matter.

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