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Bought a new home/office? Congratulations!

Thinking about redoing the interiors? Awesome!

Consulting with an Architect or an Interior Designer? Is it worth it? Is it going to be expensive? Will I end up spending more than what I had budgeted for?

If these are the questions running through your mind, then let us help you clear that!

Taking a decision to renovate your home or office is hard. What people think is harder is the decision to go ahead with an Interior Designer or Architect to get the job done. It is rather an easy and a more practical decision to go ahead with a professional as it has a lot of benefits, and comes with savings too!

These are the following benefits of consulting with an Interior Designer:

Professionalism: The first thing to understand is that the Interior Designer who you wish to consult with is a person who has spent a lot of his time studying in details about the environment you are supposed to inhabit, and has a sense of responsibility towards your well-being. The Interior Designers are professionals, who has in depth knowledge of the types of spaces and how they are supposed to be planned as per the client’s requirements. Space Planning, Furniture Design, Colour Psychology, Anthropometry, Ergonomics are few of the basics of design taught in design schools, and depending upon the experience, they are trained to handle any situation.

Time Saving: Someone rightly said “Time in Money”. Time is of essence and of utmost value, for everyone. So when undertaking any project, the designers develop a strict timeline or schedule as to complete the work as soon as possible. Starting from the designing to the fit-out work, a designer is responsible for timely delivery of the project. Although there may be unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances such as COVID or any other incidents, but completion of the project on the stipulated deadline is the top priority for them.

Efficiency: When you hire an experienced designer, you tend to save a lot of money by reducing the duplicacy of efforts put in to complete a work, if being executed by the client himself. Because the interior fit-out work is such that it would become a huge cost to the client, if not done correctly in one time, the designers are extra careful while planning and designing the space. They understand minutely all the details about the clients needs, wants, tastes and preferences, their habits etc. Then according to the brief provided, they develop all the designs.

Secondly, once you are associated with designers, they help you save money on a lot of products, for which the clients may be paying a bit extra. This is because the designers have an in depth knowledge of the products they wish to use, and know where you can find the best price for it.

Awareness of Latest Trends/ Technology: Interior Design is an extremely vast field, not limited by any amount of knowledge the designer is required to have. In one of our previous blogs “The Importance of Designers”, we mentioned, that it is a responsibility of the designers to be up to date with the latest trends and technology, the latest offerings of products, the latest building codes and guidelines issued by the governments. They are also required to be updated with the different eras of design, their psychological impact on the client, and the practicality in their implementation.

They are updated with the latest standards of design guidelines and eco-friendly approach to design, so as to develop a better habitable environment for the clients.

Quality Satisfaction: Interior Design requires a lot of investment of time and money. So the end result is expected to be spectacular and highly detailed. It is also for the designers to show that they deliver a high quality design with excellent craftsmanship, and so, they are very particular about the product quality and finishes. It’s a way to justify the amount and time invested by the client in their home/office and eventually get the satisfaction of the quality of the work done.

Hopefully this article is able to help prospective clients understand why they should choose to involve a professional in the most important space for them, where most of the lives are to be spent being happy and safe!

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