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Interior Design is probably one of the most important and beautiful professions of all. But it is extremely undermined and underrated and depending on which country it is practiced in, is understood to be playing a pivotal role in health, safety and sustainability of the occupants of a space and the surrounding environment.

Interior designers play a crucial role in development of any kind of habitable space, whether it is a home, office, a showroom, cafe or a healthcare facility. They are expected to be up to date with the latest trends and technology available, while being connected to a glorious past of all wonders of Architecture, Eras of design and fashion, Current affairs across the world, Geography, Topography, Ecology and Biology. They also need to have good command over Anthropometry, Psychology, Ergonomics, Economics, Chemistry, Architecture and Structure, Furniture Design and Millwork etc.

The list goes on and so does the work, but yet a designer never gets the recognition and respect deserved for the countless hours and sleepless nights spent on studies and furthermore on the project undertaken and its timely completion. It goes true for all forms and fields of design.

The world needs to realise that though it may not be considered at par with the responsibility borne by the Doctors or the Paramilitary forces, but the creative minds do deserve a round of applause for the work they do, the efforts they put in.

Similarly, it is a moral duty of the designers to provide the best of the service to the clients and to be truthful to their job. They need to be honest and trustworthy for the clients give them something much more valuable than a few paper notes; it is their trust and it should be held in high regards and be given a lot of thought. the artists need to be extremely passionate and affectionate about the work they do. Because if you put all your emotions and concentration into what you do, you can move mountains.

Feel blessed to have this opportunity to play an important role in someone’s life and be able to change it for the better. Stay true to yourself and always be humble, down to earth, as those who are rooted firmly to the ground, are the ones that grow the tallest and bear the most fruit.

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