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We have all grown up listening to fairy tales, fables and anecdotes of gods, fairies, angels, dragons, legends. Every one of them created a picture in our minds about how that world would have looked like. How exciting would it be to be in that place now. And to live that life, would be the icing on the cake.

But has anyone ever imagined, how it would have been if the story was bland and boring, with no comedy, no suspense, no thrill, no action no emotion? Nobody wishes to hear something which does not excite their senses. It is all the in the orator’s skill, the storyteller’s imagination, how he wishes to convey his thoughts, his vision to the audience.

This phenomenon is omnipresent and can be seen in any form of art we can imagine. The artist bears a huge responsibility of entertainment and sensory satisfaction of the listeners or viewers. It should be understood that it is not different in the field of Interior Design and Architecture.

The designer or the project architect is the storyteller here. He is the artist who should have a beautiful vision and imagination for the project in works and convey the story through design. He/She also needs to be responsible for understanding the kind of space available, the clients’ brief, their expectation, their vision, the resources, their time and be respectful of that while not deviating for the picture he has in his mind he wants to paint.

It is not just a project that is being done, it is a dream which is being built. It is an art which is being expressed through bricks and mortar. It is the potpourri of emotions of the designers and the clients. It is the space where the occupant is supposed to be happy, healthy and safe, and has to be given a lot of thought and care.

To all the designers, what image you wish for the world to see, lies with you, and with you are the tools to do so. Tell the story you want the world to hear. Express your passion for creativity through your story and let the world know about you.

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